Outsourcing DPO

The GDPR sets forth stringent requirements for companies to comply with, among those, appointment of a Data Protection Officer. The significant penalties for non-compliance may place unexpected pressure on your organization, especially if you are unable to devote sufficient time or resources to achieve and maintain compliance. For many organizations this means outsourcing a DPO with the necessary skills and expertise. Appointing DPOAdviser as your outsourced DPO means you can rely on our expertise to guide your company’s Data Privacy and Protection Program.

What the DPO Does:

  • Inform and advise on GDPR issues and compliance
  • Monitor and maintain compliance with GDPR and related privacy laws
  • Train and educate employees
  • Conduct data protection impact assessments
  • Serve as the contact point for your organization and its supervisory authority
  • Oversee your Data Protection and Privacy Program

Advantages of outsourcing DPO services to DPOAdviser

Most organizations don’t have internal resources with the necessary skills and expertise to handle issues associated with the GDPR. Benefits of outsourcing the DPO role include:

  • Cost-effective compared to an internal appointment – employees may resign, be terminated or made redundant. Thus, reliance on internal resources that can be separated from a company results in uncertainty. Our engagements as DPO are typically a minimum of 2 years to avoid uncertainty.
  • Provide expert, objective advice on GDPR and related privacy laws.
  • Sufficiently independent and free of any conflicts of interest, thereby enhancing an organization’s level of transparency and accountability, which is well-perceived by supervisory authorities. A DPO cannot be terminated for carrying out its duties.
  • Access to GDPR workshops and employee training

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